Traditional publishers publish much less than 1% of all unsolicited manuscripts they receive each year. With self-publishing you take control of your own destiny. And with the help of REAS Publishing you can make your book a success

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Share your expertice and resources with educators and students using online instructional videos. Become the expert within the education environment.

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Most farmers find it difficult to earn a steady income from just what they produce on their farm, whether it's dairy, fruits or vegtables, or some other commodity. There's never been a better time in history to promote your farm business to millions of people at so little cost. If you haven't utilized the power of the Internet to market your Farm online, now is the time to start!

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Online Marketing Done The Right Way

Your success depends on your online empire and thus a key component in your online social networking campaign. REAS helps you to easily connect using video, articles, coupons, information product downloads, virtual events, and more, on more than 100 social networks to drive more traffic to your business.

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Online Social Media Marketing

Our Certified Social Media Specialist will develop the right formula for you setting up and optimizing social networking systems, develop community building (brand-engagement) activities, monitor and measure social media initiatives, implement video marketing campaigns, and create targeted content distribution networks in the social media realm.


Membership Site Creation

Our Certified Online Membership Site Specialist will develop the strategy to reach out to the right audience for you. We use the best system that is easy for you to maintain combining the social media marketing strategies with the mobile marketing strategies to get you established as the #1 Local Expert in the service you provide.


Mobile Marketing and Automated Text Messaging Follow Up

With Mobile Marketing everything changes on how you grow your business and promote your cause. We offer a revolutionary new way to communicate and follow up with your business connections, leads, customers, students, family and friends. Our Certified Mobile Marketing Specialist will create a scalable solution for you to use in conjunction with your print advertising and online marketing.


Virtual Events

Our Certified Virtual Event Specialist will build a winning strategy for you. Putting together a webinar/teleseminar is a great way to build your list and sell your products. For Educators, online lectures and instructional video events is setting your students up for success.

NEWS FOR 2014 - REAS is currently updating this website with a whole new look so we can effectively combine all our company websites and services onto one platform. Please have patience with us as we complete this process between our client's workload. If you have any questions you would like to ask us about our services, please email Sue Rogers at